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бандажирование желудка с применением системы Bioring

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The use of an intragastric balloon is a non-surgical and ‘conservative’ method of weight reduction. Made of high-quality soft medical silicone, the balloon itself is a thin smooth elastic ball inflated by valve with 500 cc of water (to a diameter of 13cm).

How it works

The presence of the balloon in the stomach reduces its internal volume and therefore the amount of food it can hold. At the same time, it distends the gastric wall and causes the receptors there to send to the brain a signal of satiety.

How long can the balloon stay in the stomach?

Six months is recommended, after which removal is necessary as gastric acid gradually destroys the silicone shell of the balloon. (Barring technical defects, it normally survives that period.) A new one may be inserted during the same procedure if such is the patient’s wish.


The technique is best suited to patients with a BMI (Body Mass Index) from 30 to 40 who, as a rule, have already exhausted other conservative methods of weight loss such as diets, physical exercise, psychological assistance, and even tablets and food supplements.
It also presents a viable temporary option to patients with BMI 40+ who are ruled out of bariatric surgery under general anaesthesia on account of poor health (e.g. serious heart and lung problems). By enabling them to reduce weight and improve their general condition, it facilitates subsequent major surgery.

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