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Excessive weight

Problem of excessive weight


You have new stimulus to live!

Bariatric surgery is the first and key step to the final weight loss and making your life better! This site contains the most important data about operative methods, preoperative preparation and postoperative period during weight loss surgery.

What is the excessive weight?

You can always escape the problem of excessive weight, calling this problem just cosmetic, or qualify as body feature, speaking in jest “there's never too much of a good man”. But such way of taking this problem doesn’t make it less serious disease, which has tendency of larger spread. This complaint can affect even those who are not predisposed to it because the impact of modern society addiction of consumption is very high. To treat excessive weight effectively first of all you must understand that excessive weight is the disease which you must treat. You must find it like a problem, stop to hesitate of it or brag of your own size.

Obesity is a chronic disease, which presents one of the main health problems in most industrialized countries. Morbid obesity become of very critical prevalence because severe concomitant diseases develop inevitably. Those diseases are allied to excessive weight. In USA obesity is a cause of about 300 000 deaths per year. Direct and indirect expenditure associated with obesity is exceeded $100 000 000 000 a year.

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