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бандажирование желудка с применением системы Bioring

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Every kind of treatment has its own possible problems. Fortunately, they are not in this case life-threatening.

• Balloon intolerance (5-7% of patients). Symptoms are permanent nausea and vomiting, and sometimes pain. If this can not be adequately relieved, the balloon must be removed.

• Rarely (1%) there can be erosion and ulceration of the stomach, mostly if the patient ignores the instruction to take omeprazole.

• Spontaneous rupture of the balloon (2%). This is manifested in green colouration of the urine. The fact is that we purposely add blue medical dye (methylene blue) to the water during balloon inflation, so that if the integrity of the balloon is compromised the dye is absorbed in the intestine and then discharged with the consequently discoloured urine. Generally it is not dangerous, as the empty balloon usually moves along the intestinal tract and is naturally excreted by bowel movement. Nevertheless, cases have been documented of intestinal obstruction by a ruptured balloon, meaning that in case of balloon leakage the patient must inform his/her doctor urgently. The doctor decides whether to remove the leaking balloon or to await its natural evacuation.

• Insufficient or negligible weight loss. This becomes more probable if the patient fails to follow therapeutic recommendations.

• Feeling of excessive heaviness in the stomach.

• Heartburn.

• Other complications connected with general anaesthesia and endoscopy.

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