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Gastric bypass

Gastric bypass is an operation combining malabsorption (reduced intake) of food in the intestine and restriction (narrowing) of the stomach. Many modifications are currently being developed all over the world, but the essence is the creation of a small stomach – about 20 cc – using surgical staplers, and the connection of a very short intestine to this small stomach (figure 8).

Laparoscopic Gastric bypass : Bariatric surgery in Russia

How does this operation work? First, as the volume of the small stomach is only 20 cc, a patient can eat only a small amount of food (a quarter of an apple, for example, would suffice). Second, as the eaten food goes a short way, the intake of its nutrients is significantly reduced.
The combination of these two factors is usually very effective, which is why this operation is regarded as a global gold standard.

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